What We Do

We are currently booked for the remainder of 2014 for landscape consults and designs.  Our present, seasonal focus is on our custom, handcrafted pieces.  Please check back soon as we will be posting some new and exciting items for sale in 2015!


Landscape Design…

 Water Features…

Whether it’s a serene, ceramic cistern with trickling water surrounded by bamboo, or a riverstone stream through your front yard, water adds vitality to any landscape design.

Tire Swing Ideas has access to a wide range of products to make your environment more serene and refreshing. Click to see a gallery of inspirational photos. Contact us to discuss your needs!


Reclaimed Wood…

Wood salvaged from Victorian-era homes, old log cabins, and antique barns has proven it’s worth in resisting termites and rot.

Setting in the old Square nails

Repurposing the wood is both an eco-friendly alternative which saves living trees, and the old wood glows with more depth of patina.


Tire Swing Ideas creates custom decks, pergolas, tables, and planters of reclaimed redwood, sequoia, and other woods. Click to see a gallery of products we have already created. Each project is made-to-order, so contact us now!


DWP Rebate Assistance…

Let Tire Swing Ideas equip your property with more water-wise irrigation and plantings, and we’ll help you through the DWP rebate qualification process as well. These improvements can pay for themselves, and they help conserve our natural resources. Here are some links to learn more about the rebate programs in your area:

DWP Rebate Information

Santa Clarita Water Rebates

City of Simi Valley Water Conservation information

Watering index and calculator

Capture 3


Contact us for more information!



Stop dragging that hose around! With our thoughtfully installed irrigation,your plants will be well-tended whether they like to sip or gulp. Let us design the system that works best for you and your property, with low-maintenance options that are self-regulating with multiple zones and also can be conveniently controlled from your smartphone.




Landscape Design…

Let us create the outdoor environment that is the envy of your neighborhood. Stewart Shields works with you to design the landscape of your dreams, from start to finish.

Click here to fill out a questionnaire which will help determine your tastes.

Click here to see projects completed, with Before and After photos. (Coming Soon!)bird bath

Click here to see a sampling of water-wise plant ideas.



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