Thank you for visiting our site.  Unlike some of the other landscaping companies with numerous employees and crews, we are a more boutique, custom design business who takes pride in quality, not quantity. Because of this, we’ve encountered much more interest than ever anticipated – and to maintain the personal attention to the clients and their wishes, we spend more time on each project. That said, we’re currently booked-up through mid-September with a couple of time-sensitive (DWP rebate) projects that need to be completed soon to fulfill the rebate requirements.

We are working to bring on some additional help to handle more volume but it takes a bit longer to find the caliber of crew & employees that we require. If there is anything we can do to possibly help with once the schedule frees-up please let us know.

Achillea x ‘Moonshine’ - Moonshine Yarrow

Tire Swing Ideas specializes in family-friendly, environmentally conscious outdoor designs and solutions. We collaborate with homeowners to create personalized and custom environments, bringing the indoors – out. Our goal is helping families maximize their existing space for entertaining, playing, gardening and relaxing.

Anigozanthos flavidus – Tall Kangaroo Paw

While we strive to make the practical aesthetically pleasing and functional, and combined with a genuine love for children and pets, we pride ourselves on bringing everyone together in a cohesive, comfortable and safe living space. Not only can we design a beautiful, landscape that is water-wise and environmentally friendly, we also design structures and furnishings from repurposed materials for play, entertaining and relaxation. We are quite unique in the fact that all of our work is custom-made and suited to your specific needs. We never settle for “good enough”, we aim for quality, beauty and functionality.

waterwise garden perennials 08

In today’s “high-tech, low-touch” culture, Tire Swing Ideas’ mission is not only to help bring families closer but neighborhoods and communities as well. One way we achieve this is by being ambassadors to the worldwide Little Free Library movement and we can assist in creating an inviting and positive gathering spot in your neighborhood, all while promoting education, literacy and a stronger sense of community for young and old alike.

 Landscape and hardscape designs

Landscape and hardscape design


Drought-tolerant, water-wise landscape and irrigation designs

Drought-tolerant designs


Custom-built and installed, Little Free Libraries for homes, schools, churches…

Custom Little Free Libraries


Custom-designed play structures and playhouses

Kids' custom play structures and playhouses


Check out our ‘What We Do‘ page for more details and photos


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